Things You’re Forgetting to Clean During the COVID-19 Outbreak

What a wild ride 2020 has been! Even though we are amongst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis and on lockdown I’ve been grateful for the time I’ve been given to
C R E A T E! My mind has been going non-stop on new projects I can begin and it’s truly amazing. I’ve see it with many people via the internet, the creativity, especially on Tik-Tok is incredible. If you’re not on the app I highly suggest you download it…NOW!

Anyways, while many articles are telling you to wash your hands and sanitize high-touch areas, I’d like to share my own list of things that are equally as important to clean (not just because of the world’s current circumstances).

  1. Bath Mats
    I don’t know who needs to hear this but I’m screaming it louder for the people in the back. WASH YOUR BATH MATS! Put them in the washer on HOT, I do this every other week.
  2. Steering Wheel
    UGH! The steering wheel in your car is nasty and also a “high-touch” place that no one ever mentions. Sanitize that thing! And if you’re lucky (or rich) enough to have some kind of disinfectant wipe keep them in your car and wipe down all the handles (inside and out), arm rests, glove box, center console, shifter, buttons and visors.
  3. Coats/Jackets
    Your daily “running around” coat or jacket brushes up against countless surfaces when you’re out and about. Wash it! Hats too!
  4. Keys
    During this pandemic especially, I’d suggest removing any novelty keychains that cannot be washed (i.e. fluffs, coin pouches, leather items, etc.) Keys go everywhere with you, they’re gross too, disinfect them.
  5. Phone/Airpods
    Yes, the phone is very obvious, but your AirPods are another “high-touch” item. Clean those too! Before the world got crazy I would disinfect my phone with a Clorox wipe at least twice per week.
  6. Purse (handles)
    If you use a handbag or purse, or even bring your own bags to the grocery store, I’d say stop doing that at this time. I’m not going to rub a Clorox wipe all over my Louis Vuitton so that girl is staying home for awhile! I’ve been carrying around my cards and phone in my pockets when I go out so I limit the amount of items I bring out that could potentially get contaminated. Which brings me to the next one…
  7. Wallet
    Money is gross, SO GROSS, and we happily put it into our wallets on the regular- UGH! There’s not much more I need to say here, wipe your wallet down or don’t use one at this time. Credit cards are fine to be sanitized.
  8. Apple Watch
    Calling all Spy Kids! It’s okay to take the watch off to clean it I promise! Especially the cloth bands that rub up on everything and absorb sweat and germs. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  9. Shoes
    Stop wearing your shoes around the house, especially now and if you have children that are on the floor often. You walk into repulsive bathrooms, gas stations, sticky bars and everywhere else, you get the picture. All those germs are collected on the bottom of your shoes and then you’re rubbing it all over your floors. I recently just purchased a steam mop from Amazon that I love! It sanitizes floors with steam and no chemicals need to be used, great little gadget and no more dirty mop buckets chilling in my closet.
  10. Stairway Railings and Toilet Flush Handles
    These go hand in hand right? (LOL BAD JOKE) Sanitize those too while you’re cleaning today.

These are my top ten that I can think of right now, there’s of course many many more. I’d love to hear your cleaning tips in the comments. Be safe out there y’all and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.19.58 PM

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