FabFitFun Starter Box

The day has come… The FabFitFun club sucked me in and I AM HERE FOR IT! I’m not sure how I dodged it for all these years because everything about it sounded amazing. Getting a large box, really a gift from yourself, of high-end products each season curated to you– who wouldn’t want that?

On my latest trip to the hair salon, Abby (@abbyhairmua <– go follow her on IG!) and I began chatting about our love for trying new products. She went on to tell me about FabFitFun and she RAVED about it! I asked her a thousand questions about it (I was already sold off her excitement) and she went on and told me about starter boxes they offer. Starter boxes are small curated boxes that you can receive from an “invite only” basis and the best part is they only cost $5, yes you read that correctly FIVE DOLLARS! Mine came with 4 full size products and a catalog.

Let’s get in to it shall we? So first off I want to say the box that it comes in is so fun (pun intended)! It really stood out in my mail room amongst all the typical brown boxes, it was colorful and made my day. I opened it and the inside of the box was also colorful and the items were packaged well. 10/10 for presentation!


1. Whish – Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask (retails $54)

I was stoked when I opened the box and saw there was a facial mask in it. I needed one and refrained from purchasing one from Sephora that day (I must be psychic or something haha). This firming sleep mask has a thick gel-like consistency. It smells really floral (rosey) and to be honest the scent is a bit strong to have on your face. I used it yesterday and I liked the texture and it absorbed into my skin well without leaving a greasy residue which was awesome, but the fragrance was again very strong. It was hydrating. I plan to try it again, maybe it would even be beneficial as a lotion on hands or feet. I probably would not repurchase this mask in the future though.

2. Ettika – Keepsake Kyocera Opal & 18kt Gold Plated Necklace (retails $40)

ETTIKA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! AND AN OPAL?! How lucky am I? I’ve been a fan of this jewelry brand for years but never got around to ordering anything for myself. When I saw this in the box I couldn’t believe it. This necklace is incredibly beautiful and was packaged well. The chain was neatly bagged on the back of the card all inside of a plastic protector. The gold is 18k plated and it shines! The opal is also so pretty. I love opals.


So far in my $5 box I received $94 worth of items… Let’s continue shall we?

3. Lavido Mandarin Aromatic Body Lotion 4.05 OZ (retails $19)


Not only is this a really clean brand, but look what benefits of this lotion are according to their website:


Mandarin Oil: Known to even skin tone and provide antibacterial properties.

Orange Oil: Promotes clarity, radiance and skin smoothness and has an uplifting aromatic scent.

Bergamot Oil: Imparts balancing properties and helps calm and detoxify the skin. Its scent is a natural mood-booster.

Give me all. of. that. It smells very citrusy and after researching more about this particular lotion and the key ingredients I can’t wait to use it.

It is made without:

That’s a win in my book.

4. Yumi Kim –Wanderlust Makeup Travel Case (retail $50)


This was a great surprise! I travel a lot so this is a perfect addition to my go-to travel luggage. It is small but can hold a ton keeping things well organized and safe. I love that you can hang it up. The clear pockets are a great detail so you can quickly see where your products are. Love this and I can’t wait to use it! The material is also easy to clean as well.


$163 total…retail…



I received $163 worth of products for $5. HUH?! Everything I received was of quality and all of it was useful in my life. I am so looking forward to my full size box, I can’t even imagine what it will have!

Want $10 off your first box? Follow this link and your wish is my command!

Looking for a $5 starter box invite? Leave me a comment or message me and as soon as I receive an invite for one it’s all yours. ( Instagram: @racquelknighton )

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