Aluminum-Free? All Natural? Which Deodorant Should I Choose?

If there is one thing that can make or break my day it has to be forgetting to put on deodorant. I remember many times in high school the feeling that would overcome my body the moment I realized I forgot to put it on and quickly figuring out a plan to get myself into the girls locker room (they locked it between classes) to retrieve my Secret brand deodorant and save the day. I couldn’t go through my day with the fear of smelling bad, my crush probably would never speak to me again (not that he spoke to me in the first place, haha).

Growing up in front of the computer, article after article passing through my sight, influencer product talks, and Web MD always being there to tell me I’m dying– or to remind me my deodorant is giving me Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Say whattttt?? I cannot be the only one who has seen one of the articles claiming that the aluminum in deodorants is linked to this diagnosis. I’m no doctor and whether it’s true or not (provided there is no straight-forward approved evidence), watching my grandmother suffer through this disease and held hostage within her own mind, was beyond enough for me to make the switch.

It seems like each week a new brand is popping up on my feeds offering aluminum free/ natural deodorant. I slowly began making the switch, keeping my old one on hand just in case. I had trust issues with this new aluminum free at first, you’ll see what I mean later on. Aluminum’s purpose in antiperspirants is to block the sweat glands and keep them from producing sweat. The deodorant is to prevent the B.O. smell. I like the combination products that tackle both.

The Line-Up

I researched and read many reviews that said “your body has to get used to the new deodorant, it will take a few days/weeks”, I’m patient–how bad could it be? I gave several Aluminum-Free deodorants a shot and to save you the time, money, and the chance of embarrassing B.O. I’ve included my full review and experience with each one.

First Up:

Dove 0% Aluminum Cucumber & Green Tea Scent $5.99

This one caught my eye because I like Dove’s regular deodorants. I think the regular ones work as advertised and smell good while also keeping my underarms dry and not ruining my clothing. I decided to give this one a shot and to be honest… I was disappointed. Here’s why, this deodorant is one of those ones that doesn’t dry. It stays moist so it feels like you have sweat under your arms all. day. long. Rightfully so, it is composed of 1/4 moisturizers and 0% alcohol.  I would say it prevents odor for a few hours but not more than 4, after 4 hours even if you reapply it’s finished. I felt stinky and uncomfortable. I will say the scent of this product is very clean, I liked it. Overall, I would not recommend. (I am very picky though!😷)

Tom’s Natural Strength Fresh Coconut $5.99

Honestly, I purchased this one because I saw it on the clearance rack at Target. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out yet another Aluminum-Free deodorant with hopes of finding “the one”. I’ve heard few but all good things about the Tom’s brand products and this one promotes “no artificial fragrance”, artificial fragrance is another culprit that causes problems in the body. This one smells really good, reminds me of the beach. This one also applies “wet” and stays that way the whole time, it doesn’t dry. I took a chance, put on an excessive amount before leaving the house and went to my mom’s birthday party in July. Let’s just say I made sure to keep my arms down for the majority of the party and tensed up every time someone went in for a hug. I could smell myself  (it hadn’t been more than 3 hours and I was in air conditioning inside) and that was enough to set this one aside. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product.


After dealing with these two instances I decided to step up my game. I did a little bit of research and the next time I was in Target I bought TWO new deodorants.


Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea Sensitive Skin Formula $7.99

This was one of those deodorants that comes in a box and is located on the top shelf, along with a higher price. After what had happened to me at my mom’s party I didn’t want to take anymore chances, so I got it. The reviews I read about it prior to purchasing sounded promising too. I put it on and finally felt satisfied. This one feels a tiny bit gritty when you first put it on compared to regular deodorants, but I was okay with it because it was… drum roll please… DRY! I didn’t feel like I had just run a marathon under my arms after putting this one on. The scent reminds me of exactly what it’s called, Jasmine Tea. This type of tea is very relaxing and actually comes in little pearl-like balls, it blooms pretty in a clear glass. Anyways, I have been using this deodorant for about a month and I am SO pumped about it! I feel like it really works, not only keeping me from smelling bad but also dry! I love the way it smells and I will definitely be repurchasing. I approve! ✅


Native Coconut & Vanilla (free mini deodorant with purchase ⬅️) $11.99

This is one of those brands the influencers promote a lot. While I don’t always believe everything they say about products (most of them don’t use half of them and it’s very obvious 🤑), I happened to pass by a tiny travel version of this and decided it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. I paid $2.99 for the travel one while the full size is around $11.99. I would have been bummed spending that much and having a bad experience. This little deodorant is just .35 oz and is PERFECT for your purse. It’s flat design fits great in a clutch too. I can say that this one works great as well, even as a mid-day refresh. It applies dry, smells nice and is paraben and aluminum free! Win win! I just checked out their website and they have many more offerings as well. I am looking forward to diving deeper into the Native brand and trying other scents. Definitely recommend! ✅


I hope that these experiences and reviews with aluminum free deodorants help you out next time you’re shopping for a pit stick. I’m no doctor, but anytime I can switch to an all natural and “safe” product I try to. Generations before us weren’t exposed to all the chemicals we are today so it frightens me to see how we all end up with toxicity levels within our bodies at an all time high. Overall, I’d say you get what you pay for with this sort of product, spending the few extra dollars will get you something that works and feels good– so do it, you deserve it!

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