My Angel

Yesterday I woke up to an exciting message from a multi-million dollar company saying they read my blog post on self tanners and they were interested in incorporating it into their upcoming campaign. I was so excited but also had to make sure I wasn’t getting taken advantage of. It was a really motivating and encouraging message to wake up to, my work is getting noticed.

I spent the day working on the computer and taking care of my sweet pups. It was such a beautiful day outside, it almost hit 90 degrees! Later on I headed over to the craft store to pick up a special charm for my grandmother. I found one that was in the shape of a heart and it says “Love you to the moon and back” on it, I thought she would like that. My grandmother has Dementia and I researched which gemstones held healing properties specifically for this disease so I could make her a bracelet to mail her for Easter. Chaceldony, rose quartz and carnelian were three that came up on various sites so I placed my order for those this past Sunday. I’m hoping those beads will arrive soon.

Connor got home early and we had plans to go out to trivia night with our friends. We took our time getting ready and then at 7 we jumped in the car to make it there before 7:30. Just as I was going to shift the car into drive, my phone rang and it was my mom… she had bad news.

My sweet angel of a grandmother who was 95 had passed that afternoon she said. It happened quickly. Hearing those words didn’t seem real and everything around me became fuzzy. My heart is broken, but a sense of peace fills me. She is no longer a prisoner in her own body, she is free to express herself, she is home again with many people who love her. I feel closer to her than before.

To the lady who taught me how to play go fish, crochet, sew, take care of kittens, and make a guitar out of a tissue box–
To the lady who was tougher than us all and never let anything stress her out–
To the lady who gave me coffee for the first time when I was 3 and taught me to put extra cream and sugar in it…. and sugar on my rice krispies–
To the lady who stayed up every night reading the newspaper front to back–
To the lady who was always smiling and happy to see you, I will miss you the most…

The moon shined a little brighter last night. ❤️

Love you to the moon and back my sweet gram.

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