Teenage Life in 2008


The other day I posted a few Instagram stories that created a ton of hype! From a content strategist’s standpoint I struck gold! As I was waiting for Connor to meet me at the gym I turned to my phone and was inspired by some songs I loved during the MOST awkward teen years of my life. One after another popped into my head and I had to listen right away. Each song painted the picture of what my life was in the 2000s. It reminded me most of getting my license, crushes and heartbreaks, AIM & Myspace, and all the worries I had that never actually amounted to anything later in life.

Since so many of you loved the story, I wanted to create a playlist on Apple Music to share with you…


Who remembers the Red Dragon? The Red Dragon was the name my friends came up with for my first car. It was a 2001 Dodge Intrepid with red rims, it was basically a boat, it’s the photo I chose for the playlist. I blasted all these songs in that car with the windows and sun roof open while screaming the lyrics, that was the feeling of freedom at its finest.


A typical day for me in 2008 looked like this:


– Wake Up
– Check AIM for messages, check crush’s away message and profile to make sure he wasn’t crushing on anyone else in the form of a “<3” in his profile.
– Open iTunes and play a playlist like the one above.
– Find perfect lyrics to put on my away message for the day and always ending it with “Hit the cell *insert number*! -xoxo Raxy<33333333”
– Put black eyeliner on my bottom lash line and then mascara, top off the look with “Sweet Talk” lipgloss that was sticky af from Victoria’s Secret.
– Straighten my hair that had box blonde chunky highlights I did myself.
– Put on a t-shirt that said “Abercrombie” across the front and flare jeans complete with hoop earrings and some skateboarding sneakers (either DC’s or Etnies, maybe Adios).
– Grab my brown bagged lunch my mom made for me and get in my car.

– Hook my pink apple iPod mini up to the car by inserting an AUX cord into it with a cassette tape at the other end in the tape deck… yes, a tape deck. The struggle was real but the sound quality from this thing was phenomenal.
– Put on my sunglasses that I got from the wildwood boardwalk that summer and drove to school.

– Roll up to school with my favorite song as loud as it could go and parked the car.
– Drop any extra books off at my locker that I shared with a friend and had it decorated to the nines and always stocked with candy or gum.
– Strategically map out which way I was going to walk to class so I could see a certain someone, or avoid the boy I turned down the previous night over AIM.

– Eat lunch in the “west wing” cafeteria with all the other upper classmen
– Do any homework that was due later in the day and also ask friends how the tests I had coming up were that morning.
– Text back anyone who had texted me making sure to keep my blackberry hidden in my purse so that none of the lunch monitors would see it and take it from me.

– Head back to my locker to get my stuff
– I’d grab a piece of gum and use some warm vanilla sugar perfume and check my hair in my stick up mirror with hopes that I’d see a certain someone on my walk out to the car.
– Get to the car, set the tunes and head home.

– Arrive home, run to the Dell desktop computer in my room and check my AIM messages.
– Go downstairs and microwave a frozen pizza or Tostino’s pizza rolls for a snack.
– Head back up to the computer and got comfy.
– Logged into MySpace only to be disappointed that the boy who had me 1st on his top 8 has now moved me to 3rd and another girl 1st.
– *Puts up passive aggressive song lyrics on away message*
– *Receives new message from said boy*
– *Takes down away message*
Him: Hey
Me: Hey.
Him: What’s up?
Me: nmu
Him: nm
*5 minutes goes by*
Him: r u mad at me?
Me: No? Why would you think that?
Him: idk
*I roll my eyes in real life*
Me: well i gg now ttyl bye!
*Puts up an angry away message, have to keep him wondering right?*
– Take a nap on the couch.

– Take a shower making sure to use Sweet Pea body wash from Bath and Body works and following the shower with the matching lotion.
– Put on pajama bottoms with Happy Bunny or Corona logos on it because they were deemed inappropriate by most people. That made me a BAMF right?
– Check computer again and MySpace to see what was going on. Oh Sally and Chad broke up again? Surprise surprise! And, Chris has a ❤ in his profile, I wonder who that could be for? Cindy did a survey on MySpace bulletin board and she admitted that she’s been drunk before, omg!
– *Puts up a goodnight away message*
– Gets in bed & falls asleep thinking about what outfit I am going to wear tomorrow and if I have enough mousse to scrunch my hair.

Was this familiar to you? Did it bring you back? I remember enduring some of what I thought were the worst days ever in high school, more importantly I remember getting through them and growing. What a wild ride it was! Feel free to comment any songs you loved during this time and I’ll add them to the playlist, this is a group effort!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.19.58 PM

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