Did someone say FREE perfume/cologne?

During one of my recent daily scrolls down my Instagram feed I came across a friend who shared a perfume/cologne subscription service. He said you choose the perfume or cologne you want and they send you a month supply for $15! He also offered a coupon code for a percentage off, I went to the website and decided to give it a try.

I was in the market for a new perfume but I really didn’t know which scent I should go for. I’ll admit that I still have an old Abercrombie 8 bottle hanging out in my bathroom and I figured at 26 it was time to grow up and get rid of the scent that resembles teenage heartbreak and tears. This was the perfect opportunity!

I got to the Scentbird website and looked at the brands they offer and was amazed! They have everything from Clinique to Gucci. They provide a quiz on their site that helps you choose a scent that you’d like but I went for the more familiar route. I checked out all the perfumes they offer and the Clinique Happy Heart stood out to me, I remembered getting a paper sample of it in the mail and loving it so I went with that one.

About a week later the cutest package showed up in my mailbox with the perfume in it and an “about” card explaining the different notes within the scent. The travel friendly atomizer is such great quality and it’s designed so it won’t leak or spray when you throw it in your bag. It also comes inside a soft velvet like pouch with the Scentbird logo on it. They send you a 30 day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice and its the perfect amount in my opinion. Mine lasted longer because I didn’t use it everyday.

I highly recommend Scentbird to anyone who wants to try out a new scent or likes changing things up. It’s great because you don’t end up with large half used bottles of perfume that end up going bad due to lack of use! My advice is if you are picky about scents like me, go to a store that has perfume and find three you really like then take a photo of them or write them down so you can order one that is offered by Scentbird

If you’d like to try Scentbird I’m offering a first month FREE with this link. Enjoy! ❤️

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