Lilly Pulitzer // The After Party Sale

‘Tis the season for all things new and fresh! I am so excited to share with you this post about one of my favorite clothing brands, Lilly Pulitzer! Not going to lie I was pretty late to the game, it was 2015 when I purchased my first Lilly Pulitzer dress. I had seen it on Instagram here and there. My good friend Kelsey & her sister frequently posted photos wearing these bright colorful prints and I had become intrigued. In July of that year I had a bridal shower to attend so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head over to the Pink Paddock in Stuyvesant Plaza and pick up a new dress. As soon as I walked in to that store I fell in love! I felt so happy and excited to be there– if you have ever been to a Lilly store you’d understand! The girls working there were so friendly and helpful, they set a few things aside for me to try on that I didn’t even see while walking around. Even the fitting rooms are decorated perfectly. After trying on so many colorful and beautiful pieces I decided to get a short sleeve printed dress very similar in shape to the Brewster T-Shirt Dress $98. Unfortunately this dress is only available in a solid navy color now, but it’s still a great piece. I wore mine many many times as it is very comfortable and it’s still in great condition.
lilly brewster dress
📍 Rainbow Row, Charleston SC

A few months later I found myself back at the Pink Paddock looking for a dress for a wedding. It was one of the first times I would be meeting a greater portion of my boyfriend’s family so I wanted it to be perfect. I went with my boyfriends mother and we actually ended up choosing dresses from the same material. This made for really great photos at the wedding. We both chose a shift style dress with gold detailing. Again, because this was 2015 these styles are no longer available, however Lilly is known for shift dresses and they are always coming out with beautiful styles.

trudy and i lilly
📍 The Glen Sanders Mansion

I paired this dress and many of my other Lilly Pulitzer outfits with the Gigi Wedge Sandals. The day I bought these shoes I learned that the shoes that Lilly Pulitzer sells are specially designed to match all the clothing too! How cool is that? These wedges are comfortable and I have gotten a ton of wear out of them.
Gigi Wedge $198

A few months after the wedding and my love for the Lilly brand grew I learned about something called The After Party Sale. You’ll notice on the Lilly website that there isn’t a sale section and they do not offer coupons usually. While the pieces are absolutely worth the price tag in my opinion because of the outstanding quality, unless you plan on wearing the piece more than one time it can be debatable. The After Party Sale happens two times per year, once in January and once in August/September. During the sale the site gains insane amounts of traffic and you are put into a virtual waiting line, it’s SO SO SO worth the wait! Once you have access you will see so many beautiful items for sometimes over 50% off their original retail price! During these sales I like to stock up on a few pieces, mainly dresses to wear in the summer time. I have found that when I do this I am prepared for events that pop up and days at the track without having to worry about last minute shopping, it’s great! Plus I end up saving a ton of money. Another great thing about Lilly Pulitzer is many of the pieces hold a decent value, meaning, if you wear a dress one time to an event and don’t plan on wearing it again, there are many people on Poshmark who collect pieces and would love to purchase from you.

Good news! The After Party Sale is happening again on January 7-8, 2019! It will begin around 8am online and it begins on Saturday January 5th & 6th in stores! My advice would be to visit the site right now and enter your information that way you can check out faster during the sale. Items in your cart aren’t officially yours until you push that purchase button so you need to be quick! It’s like picking college courses all over again 😅! You got this! There is always free shipping too!

Here are some of the outfits I have curated with a few of my Lilly Pieces I have collected through the last few years. Note, most of these items I have acquired through the after party sales!!! 😁

Will you be participating in the After Party Sale next week? Let me know in the comments below! What is the piece you’re dying to get your hands on?

Thank you for taking the time to read & shop with me!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.19.58 PM

2 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer // The After Party Sale

  1. Thank you for sharing this “hot tip of the day”!
    You’re a beautiful girl inside and out and when wearing Lilly you’re flat out spectacular! Great post can’t wait to check it out!


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