Forever Obsession

A few years ago I began following a beautiful and inspiring soul on Instagram, her name is Jade. Not only does she post beautiful images, including herself in strong and challenging yoga poses, but images that make me feel something. She is brutally honest in her captions and provides a loving kick in the ass many would benefit from. If you’d like to dive in to her work she is @jadealectra on Instagram.

In the time that I’ve been following Jade and learning from her I noticed that the majority of her photos she is wearing a brand called Alo Yoga and also talking about the brand in her posts. I had to see for myself why she spoke so highly of this brand so I placed my first order. Lucky for me, it was the only week of the year Alo takes 30% off EVERYTHING on their site. Lucky for you, that week is this week and the sale goes until November 22, Thanksgiving.

My first order consisted of these three items:

The Entwine Legging $108 on sale for $76 (I wear an XXS)

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.36.50 AM

The Extreme Ripped Warrior Legging $130 on sale for $91 (I wear an XXS)
If you’re have trouble with your black leggings fading and you’re following all the rules (cold wash, laying flat to dry, and using a dark color safe detergent) try Alo. I have routinely wore a particular pair of leggings from them roughly 3 times a week (to work) for a year and washed each time and there is very minimal wear. No fading, and all logos and details are in tact. I’m very impressed!
Today I received my holiday order of 11 items and I am so excited to try them all on tonight. I wear Alo because I feel like it’s the best brand out there that defines my personal style (Studio to Street!) in the best way and is made of the most comfortable materials. Who wants to see a try on haul?
Anyways, I highly suggest you give a shot especially this week during their yearly sale! There are so many great items for gifting to the women in your life, but they also have some really nice guy stuff as well. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d talk about Alo all day!
Sign up for their exclusive email list here and a 10% coupon for anytime use:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.19.58 PM

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