My imagination and motivation have been triggered again…

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

A few weeks ago I was approached by a friend about going to a festival. Normally I wouldn’t have to think twice and only glance at my travel schedule, but this one was different. I hesitated at first because this wasn’t a festival like Coachella under the beautiful California sun. This festival was in the dead of winter (fake spring) and on the side of a mountain in Vermont. I am the person of the group who is always cold so the idea of paying to stand outside in the snow was not at all appealing. However, my best friends were going and super excited about it and it began to appeal to me more and more as it grew closer. Two weeks ago I pulled the trigger, bought a ticket and booked a suite at Stratton. Saturday morning Bree and I headed out to Vermont and man it was a gorgeous ride. Quiet back roads lined with trees that were so gently blanketed with snow and sparkling sunshine, what more could we ask for?

We drank up, jeweled up, layered up, and then called Taxi Mike. Since Vermont didn’t have Uber or Lyft we asked the front desk for numbers to call a cab. We received 2 very bland business cards, and a post it with a number on it and “Mike” written above. We figured Mike was the best call because he would’t be busy & was a local. One long therapy session on our ride to Mount Snow and finally we arrived.

I have never been to a festival before for various reasons, but as soon as I walked into this one I felt at home. This was absolutely my element and I questioned why I hadn’t done this sooner. I drank the kool aid (or maybe it was Heineken), I get it now. I felt safe and there were so many beautiful people all just there to have a good time. This was much different than any show I’ve been to, the crowd was actually really awesome. I saw so many creative outfits and decor. It made me so excited for warm weather and more festivals.

Watching these people on stage have so much fun showing a crowd of thousands of people their art, there’s gotta be nothing like it. Someday I will be up there– cheering on someone close to me. Thank you Odesza for a dope set & opening my mind.

The more I am placed in situations out of my normal element the more I am able to expand my mind (obviously). Other ideas and thoughts make sense, new ones come and go, my imagination and motivation have been triggered again.

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