Gratitude brings abundance, don’t forget it.

It feels like I’ve been living in a whirlwind. Last week went by quickly, but I pulled a lot from it. Through experiences, friends, and my books I had a fantastic week.

I went to a Psychic development class last Friday. It was nice being in a room full of like minded women from all walks of life. While I don’t plan on pursuing any psychic ability I may have, the workshop definitely lit a fire within me. The way the venue was set up inspired one of my old ideas, a goal. I will create a safe space for people to come heal, learn, collaborate, and grow.

Saturday I purchased Gabby Bernstein’s book “Judgement Detox”. I had been fighting an internal battle of negative self talk, it felt like I couldn’t get it to turn off. Those thoughts aren’t me. I remembered learning about the “id” in high school psychology class and I kept putting a band aid over the thoughts and blaming them on my “id” being out of control. With a desperate need to address the problem I bought the book and went home and got to work. I learned more in the first 30 pages of that book than I have in a very long time. I love when I am able to connect to things so quickly and deeply. Judgements occur when the brain cannot make sense of a situation and the judgement is an easier way to handle it. I learned that what I had been feeling and experiencing was normal.

Continuing through the week I had been buzzing on the positivity and became very mindful of my thoughts. As the law of attraction states: “like attracts like” many good things entered my life last week (because I was in this positive/excited/determined mindset). My tax return was much more than I was expecting. I talked and networked with many new people. I began a new wellness journey. I found value in the work I am naturally good at. I came home to a big box of girl scout cookies & 2 pairs of new shoes! Time with close friends and family was cherished as well. I feel so grateful and happy for these occurrences as they are a reminder that I AM on the right path.

One time I had a 2009 Scion TC, it was a dark gunmetal color and one of the newest cars I ever had at the time. It had a hook-up for my iPod and it was sporty– I was set! I remember the day so clearly I was driving and just thinking how grateful I was to have this car, it was so nice and a lot of fun to drive. Wait before you roll your eyes at me for confessing my love for a Scion, note that I was 21 years old that was 5 years ago. The law of attraction was something I had been practicing and learning about regularly during those days. One day I heard someone say “when you’re grateful for what you already have, you’ll end up having more.” and also “gratitude brings abundance”. Having that in the back of my mind during that particular drive and getting out of my car once I reached my destination and just looking at the car and admiring it… I was so grateful. About a week later I landed myself in my first Mercedes C300. Gratitude brings abundance, don’t forget it.

Something big is on the way and I am so ready. Planning some exciting business ventures for the future with Connor are my favorite. I’m so glad to be dating someone who is beyond motivated to succeed and be CREATIVE. We’ve got some cool shit coming, give us a few. 😉

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